BlueFox Financial - Scammed me out of 1500.00

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Back in february 2009 blue fox financial 8320 w.sunrise blvd.suite 104 plantation, florida 33322 said they could do a loan modification for us at no risk 100% money back guarantee.

They wanted 1500.00 up front to do this.

AS of today loan mod was denied and i can not get through to blue fox. Seems to me i have been scammed.

I have spent a couple hundred dollars in faxes to them over a period of time.Is there a way to recover this money if so could you please contact me.My email address is Thanks so much in advance.

BlueFox Financial - They are scammers

Washington Grove, Maryland 6 comments

Those people at Blue Fox Financial are scams artists and need to be taken to task.They charge up front fees for loan modification work that they say they will do.

They never mentioned that in Florida it is illegal to do that since they are supposed to show the results of their work first before they get paid.

Then they say they will give the money back if a modification don't work out, when they really don't have no intention of giving back the money at all.It is a real shame and somebody needs to stop them from taking more money and from taking advantage of trusting gullible homeowners.


Hazleton, Iowa, United States #958648

By the way his name was Anthony Podriao, or padro. Either way he is a f*, *, coward, and a piece of human ***, and I am said to say, that the best part of Anthony, ran down his mother's leg in the delivery room!

Yours truly, a very pissed person you scammed *** tar d.

Hazleton, Iowa, United States #958645

I am from Iowa, I saw there add on TV and even checked with the B.B.

B. To make sure the company was legitimate. It was! They did absolutely nothing but fed us full of promises and ***.

They charged us $3500. Up front and told us they could save our home, and cut our payments by as much as $300-to-$500 per month.

They talked a big game until we paid them and then they changed there contact number that we had and never to be heard from again!


I received a call from a client today who asked me to help them.Evidently, they got scammed by Blue Fox Financial and are now facing foreclosure because BFF said they were going to help them so they stopped making payments.

It is a shame.If anybody gets anymore information or can advise me on how I can help my client with BFF, please share!



We had the same issue all numbers are no longer in service.Keep good detailed records because they are now stating that I gave false financial info and cused their reps and that is why they are not giving me my 1500.00 back.

I spent 200+ dollars sending them faxes because they kept losing my info and now they are saying I did not do my part!!!be very careful I would not do business with them!!!!!


If you get scammed by blue fox file a complaint to the BBB in west palm FL everyone needs to be warned about this company they take advantage of people that are in a hard spot they take your money and do nothing!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dehra Dun, Uttarakhand, India #70313

I am suppose to be working with them still.But now the # that I had is no longer working.

They haven't called like they said. I talked to Bank of America witch used to be CountryWide I guess I'm suppose to find out something by the middle of the month. To find out if they (BlueFox) has helpped lower our payments. But that is time wasted if they didn't.

Pretty sad that you fork money that really don't have because you are already in forclosure BUT we trust and get slapped in the face. WHAT a BIG THANHS BLUEFOX. GODS got a plan for people like them.

Taking advantage of serious people in need.PRAY it really works.

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BlueFox Financial-was to rework home loan to avoid forecloser

Wentzville, Missouri 8 comments
Not resolved

When I talked to them in Jan -09 to see if they could help,They said they could.The Rep. for the company Jamie Vaca told me they have help 9 out of 10- to reduce intrest rate, back payments and length of loan-

If they were unable to help I had 100%refund -So i was at no risk.They had me pay them 2700.00 and all the information they needed was sent.I spent the next 4 months with my lender country wide .Few phone calls from bluefox financial-When finely I had 10 days before they foreclose-I called blue fox .and some lady told me top call countrywide and give more financial information and see if i get in on the Obama Plan-I had to settle with country wide to keep my house and now Bluefox wont give me a refund

Review about: Redo Home Loan.



My husband & I hired BlueFox in April,09.We were already 6 months behind.Anthony assured me BFF could help and that the company was not a fraud.All I had to do was send them $580 to start.So I did.Things were good for the first few months.I sent all the paperwork they asked for.And they kept telling me that they were waiting to hear back from Bank Of America.That we were in the final phases.A few weeks ago Wendy contacted me for an updated financial statement and when I tried to call back both numbers were disconnected.And I couldn't find them online anywhere.I put in a complaint to the BBB and they responded that they disconnected all the 800's and that my case is still in review and all they were doing was advising us to stop making payments on the house.Which now we are $20,000 behind on.They say that we are not entitled to a refund because we signed a contract with them.I have to say I called the "updated number today which they are now Pendulum Financial Group LLC (954)915-0301 and some lady answered the phone and just said her name like I called her at home.When I asked what company she represented she rudely asked who was calling and I responded is this formally BlueFoxFinancial.She then replied it still is BFF.I hung up the phone.If they are not a fraud then why wouldn't she answer the phone BFF or Prudential.That is business like.I am very upset and not sure what to do.I have 7 days to respond to their response and not sure how I will.I am gonna call Wendy and...

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I am currently in the same situation.I sent my money and information in back in January and am still waiting.

When I call, Blue Fox blames Bank of America for the lengthly process and tells me that they have no idea how long it will be. This is theft/fraud by Blue Fox.

I will be filing a complaint with BBB.Any other ideas?


Someone needs to stop this scam!!!we filed a complaint with the BBB in west palm fl and blue fox is stating that I gave them false income and information I sent then paycheck stubs rental agreements and W2's how could I change that info!!!!

this is the reason they say I am not getting my money back.

and they said I cursed their reps yeah right!!!everyone should file a complain to the west palm BBB so maybe someone will put a stop to this scam.

Dehra Dun, Uttarakhand, India #70305

How do I receive additional comments to my email.

Dehra Dun, Uttarakhand, India #70303

We are in the same boat.I just tryed to get ahold of them the other day.

I got a recording saying NOT ALOUD! I called my Bank of America to get see if they might how a number. I got one but didn't same thing nothing. I talked to Bank of America and Blue Fox talked to them around the 20th.

They told me we sould know something by the middle of the month so I'm waiting to see what happens because I had the same stuff happen to me. Told they would keep in touch,not to worry they have helped LOTS of people and most of there clients where from Bank of America witch was CountryWide. I will be contacting the BBB. I gave 1,500.

I feel for those who gave more. I'm PRAYING on this one.

We all know HE works wonders.GOD BLESS!


I had the very same experience with Blue Fox Financial I paid my money and sent in everything over and over and got nothing in return except rude attitudes I am going to try to get my state consumer fraud in on this one


My husband is dealing with the same issues with Blue Fox we just sent a request for a refund, will see what happens. Someone needs to put this company out of business!!!!!!!


I had a very similar experience with Blue Fox Financial.

I shelled out $2800.00 with the same guarantee. The never called me, unless it was for additional paperwork or something. But, they never called to update me on how the process was going.

The process took 5 months and all they did was reduce my payment by $100.00. On a $2300.00, that is unacceptable to me.

Then, they got extremely rude and even cussed me out when I questioned them and mentioned the BBB.

I would definitely advise for everyone to STAY AWAY from Blue Fox Financial. I feel I was scammed.

You can make your own conclusion after you consult with them, if you choose.


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